Shona Hunter

Special guest

Dr Shona Hunter is a Reader in the Carnegie School of Education. She is the Programme Director for Research Degrees (PhD, MRes, EdD) in the School and is a member of the Centre for Race Education and Decoloniality.

Her work is interdisciplinary and intersectional in its approach. She has been writing, teaching and researching into the social, cultural and emotional politics of the state for nearly twenty years, holding academic posts at the Universities of Birmingham, Lancaster and latterly Leeds along with visiting positions at the Universities of Sydney Australia, Mannheim Germany, Cape Town, Rhodes and currently in Johannesburg South Africa. Her scholarly interests are framed through an engagement with feminist anti-racist decolonial critique and include all aspects of welfare politics and governance, state practices, identities and the broader material-cultural-affective politics through which ‘the’ state(s) is enacted nationally and globally as a global colonial formation.

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