James F. Downes

Co-Host of Right Rising

Dr. James F. Downes is a Senior Fellow and Head of the Populism Research Unit at CARR. James is a Lecturer in Comparative Politics and is on the Programme Mangement Committee of the MSSc in Public Policy Programme and Head of Undergraduate Admissions, in the Department of Government & Public Administration at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (SAR, China). James is also a Research Fellow at both CeRSP (Italy) and at the Global Europe Centre (Brussels School of International Studies/University of Kent).

James researches on the ‘rise’ of populist radical right parties in Western and Central-Eastern Europe alongside the key issue of immigration (right-wing party competition). His country areas of expertise include the UK, Germany and Italy alongside Hungary.

He has also written frequent articles on contemporary European populism in outlets such as JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies (Forthcoming), Electoral Studies, Routledge Contemporary China Series, Routledge Handbook on Non-Violent Extremism (Forthcoming), ibidem Press/Columbia University Press, openDemocracy alongside LSE EUROPP and Democratic Audit amongst others.

Alongside his co-authors, Valerio Alfonso Bruno and Alessio Scopelliti, James is writing a book relating to the 'Rise' of the Radical Right in Italian Politics with ibidem Press/Columbia University Press (Forthcoming in 2022). He also has an article currently under review at the journal Government & Opposition.

James has conducted expert interviews for CNBC, CNN and El Pais relating to Brexit, EU Politics & Populism.

James F. Downes has hosted five Episodes.